“…I mean, you need to take life so seriously that,
Even in your seventies, for example, you need to plant an olive tree,
And it is not just simply for the kids,
It is because you don’t believe in death, even though you are afraid of it,
It is because the side of life tips the scale.”

This is how Nazım Hikmet called out to each of us in his poem (On Living) written in 1947.

We followed the advice of the master and chose living, and we planted 16,500 olive trees without waiting to be seventy. Not just for the prosperity of our children or something, but to bless our lives, so that we can share this pleasure with our loved ones and our environment. So what have we done and experienced until this stage?

In accordance with the “Good Agricultural Practices Regulation”, we have integrated all kinds of natural practices into our system in order to grow our trees completely naturally.

We harvested our olives early, picked them one by one by hand and carefully pressed them cold under 27 °C.

We produce our olive oils without any chemical processing, additives and preservatives.

We are committed to manufacturing our products in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems and ISO 22000:2018 Food Safety Management Systems.

We wanted our olive oils contain high amounts of polyphenol and antioxidant to carry the “fruitness, bitterness and pungency” balance characteristics determined at the optimum level in world standards and we bottled it offered you to your taste under the name ZAGODA.

“ZAGODA” is the name given to “Pickled Green Olives” among the people in the Eastern Black Sea Region.

Here, our olive story is a passionate road story about olive and olive oil, which has its roots in the Eastern Black Sea Region, but takes place in Manisa Province, Köprübaşı District.

Fortunately, the region where our land is located is described by Aegean University as “one of the most ideal geographies for growing olive trees”.

If you will have a planted tree in this world; let this tree be an olive tree to remember life and miracles.