Sage Of Our Garden

Edremit… A beauty as the center of health with the oxygen, where the mythological stories of the Kaz Mountains still roam quietly in the side streets.

We met him while we were traveling from the mountains towards the sea, gliding over the olive trees. A symbol of fertility that is about 500 years old.

It was a bit sad, it was decided to be cut because the highway would pass from where it was located. On his body the memories of Antandros’ inhabitants left their mark, but still, even such history could not save him.

The olive tree is stubborn, its strong trunk grasps the soil very well.

We uprooted him with due care from his roots in the middle of highway plans.
We hugged him like a baby and brought into and planted in our Zagoda olive orchard and gave water of life. We wanted him to act as a sage for the other trees in the garden with his wisdom.

We called him Edremit.

Edremit has become the most enthusiastic and joyful tree of the Zagoda olive orchard. He’s like a complete old lad.

Especially when his branches are full of olives, he becomes very delightful; he speaks and tells his story.

We sit next to each other at sunset in the evenings …
He tells, we listen.

If your way passes through here, take a break and join our conversation.
Edremit, us and you ….