SUSTAINABILITY is a concept that emerged when the production of goods and services started to cause harm to people, the environment, the raw material resources, and even when these damages began to make the continuity of production impossible.

The concept of sustainability is explained very similarly in many texts, except when it comes to olive-related products in almost all industries, from a communications satellite to a five-star hotel service.

Olive, on the other hand, appears as a symbol of sustainability in the most ancient stories.

According to the narrative of the holy books, a white bird with an olive tree branch in its mouth conveys the news about the end of the Great Flood which is the greatest environmental disaster humanity has ever seen, and that life will continue, to Noah’s Ark.

Poseidon, wishing to own the city of Athens, thrusts his spear into the Acropolis and the salty sea water gushing from the ground covers the city’s streets. Seeing this, the goddess Athena stops the disaster by planting the olive tree in her hand. The court of gods, headed by Zeus, decides that Athena deserves the city for this beautiful gift she offers to the earth.

In brief, sustainability is the olive, the olive oil itself, for us the olive producers.

The olive tree tells us our responsibilities towards the soil, environment, and society.

At ZAGODA, we are committed to keep to what our trees advise us.